New South Wales (NSW)

Rabbi Tomer & Inbar Ben Arush- Chabad of Byron Shire

The directors of Chabad of Byron Shire grew up in Israel and lived in Melbourne briefly before moving to Mullumbimby to serve the Jewish community. They run the Chabad house together with four chilldren. 


Contact details: +61 424 650 770

Contact Page:

Area: Mullumbimby, NSW 2482, Australia 


Rabbi Yossi & Malki Rodal - Chabad of Hunter 

Chabad of the Hunter and Central Coast Ltd. is a regional base of Chabad of RARA in Northern Central NSW, providing a base of spirituality, culture and heritage.


Contact details: 

Rabbi Yossi Rodal (Director): +61 425 730 412
Mrs Malki Rodal (Director): +61 425 834 986

Email: [email protected]

Area: Newcastle, NSW 2300, Australia


Queensland (QLD)

Rabbi Ari & Mushkie Rubin - Cairns

The Chabad Center for Jewish life in North Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef, based in Cairns. It is a regional base of Chabad of RARA.


Contact details: +61 435 867 477

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Area: Kewarra Beach, Cairns, QLD 4879 Australia 


Rabbi Oshy & Liba Goodman - Sunshine Coast

Chabad of the Sunshine Coast is dedicated to providing for the spiritual, emotional, and material wellbeing of Jewish people living in the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas and is a regional base of Chabad of RARA.


Contact details: +61 497 301 321

Contact Page:

Area: Sunshine Coast, QLD 4575, Australia


South Australia(SA)



Rabbi Menachem and Shevi Aron - Directors of RARA 


Contact details: +61 413 365 770

Western Australia (WA)

Rabbi Sholom White: Chabad of Western Australia


Contact details: +61 892 753 500

Area: Perth 6062, WA, Australia