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A Chance Encounter with Jewish Friends



Driving down the world famous Great Ocean Road, the RARA rabbis had to stop to take in the natural beauty of the landscape.

Moments later as they held on to their hats and battled the coastal wind, they heard a friendly "Shalom". And what do you know, a group of Jewish friends had stopped just then at the same spot...

Everything happens for a reason!

great ocean.jpeg 

Announcing the Discovering My Jewish Soul Course: A Special Bat Mitzvah Program!


It's here!

We are very excited to launch the Discovering My Jewish Soul course.

This online Bat Mitzva program is a fantastic way for your young daughter to prepare for her special day.

Delivered online over 10 weeks by Mrs Sheina Sufrin, the course in interactive, engaging, and will give your daughter a great appreciation of her Judaism.

We are sure you'll be bubbling with questions about this exciting new course. So head over to today, and you'll find all the info you need to sign up now.

Mazal Tov!

Jewish Soul.jpeg 



A Chanukah Journey to Airlie Beach


Flashback to the last night of Chanuka, in Airlie Beach, QLD.

Rabbis Yisroel and Uziel has made the 600 kilometre drive from Gladstone to Airlie Beach, where there were a handful of local families to visit.

They were fortunate enough to be welcomed to Bruce's place. "I so appreciate you guys coming all the way up here," he said excitedly. "It's always nice when the RARA boys or Rabbi Ari from Cairns come to visit!"

It was the eighth night of Chanuka, and to say the rabbis were a bit worn out would be an understatement. But Bruce's excitement to be able to do the special Chanuka mitzva was enough to freshen them up, and they spent almost two hours in discussion about what it's like to be Jewish in the far north.

This sure was a bit of a role reversal - usually the rabbis would be the ones giving the inspiration, but this time Rabbis Yisroel and Uziel headed off from Bruce's place filled with motivation - no matter where life takes you, you can connect with your Jewishness, and Bruce was a living example of this.

Pictured: Bruce's lights the 8 candles of the Menorah while Rabbi Yisroel Gansburg watches on.




Rabbis Naftali and Dani's Insightful Visit to Regional Australia

Rabbis Naftali and Dani have just returned from a visit to the Ballarat area, where they spent the past ten days.

During that week and a half, they learnt all about what it's like for Jewish people to live in regional areas, and they heard first hand from the locals how they make things like shabbat and holidays work.

It's very rewarding to hear back from the rabbis at the end of a long day, and learn about the families that they have met and the conversations had.

We wish Naftali and Dani much success in the upcoming school year, where they will be working a Shluchim at the Cheder Levi Yitzchak school in Melbourne.

Pictured here with Asher Wanders, a resident of Maryborough VIC, that was all too happy to spend most of Thursday in conversation with the Rabbis at his home.




Is it shabbos yet?

We're putting the final touches on the 2023 RARA Calendar - it will me in your mailbox very soon!

Here's a sneak peak at the backend of what goes into producing the only Jewish calender in Australia that includes shabbat candle lighting times for more than a dozen cities around the country.

Times. Lots and lots of times. Because we don't want to be late for shabbos...!


A Warm Welcome: Larry's Visit to Chabad RARA in Caulfield North VIC


What a pleasure it was to have Larry come visit Chabad RARA in Caulfield North VIC today.

Hailing from near Coffs Harbour in NSW, Larry was visiting Melbourne and took some time to swing by and say hello.

Due to space constraints, there are a lot more books in the RARA Jewish Mobile Library than what can fit inside the mobile library, so the overflow is available for browsing in Melbourne.

Larry has a real love for Jewish history, and there were a number of titles that thoroughly interested him. Larry was sure to take notes of them on his trusty notebook.

Rabbi Menachem and Shevi also discussed the origins of Judaism with Larry, which turned to be a fascinating discussion in itself.

If you're coming through Melbourne - and if you live here too - be sure to reach out, we'd love to have you stop by!

Pictured: Rabbi Menachem and Larry in discussion; Larry wearing the Tefillin and saying the Shema.




The sun sets... and the sun rises


Hot on the returning heels of Rabbis Uziel and Yisroel, who recently completed a 10,000 kilometre trip that took them as far as Airlie Beach, QLD, yesterday, Rabbis Naftali and Dani loaded into the Mitzva van and headed off to... Ballarat and the Goldfields, in Victoria.

They will be spending the next 10 days visiting the region. If you are around, be sure to look out for the bright yellow bus, hop on board, and select a book to read from our mobile library.

The Rabbis will be visiting local families and businesses in the area, and look forward to meeting up with others in one of the oldest Jewish regions in Australia.




Stepping Up Beyond the Kitchen: David Trakhtman's Remarkable Role with RARA in Far North Queensland


An incredible and meaningful encounter in Far North Queensland that took place with a good friend of RARA's, Chef David Trakhtman of Passionate Catering.

He stepped up to the plate, this time not one full of food, and filled in while Rabbi Ari Rubin is away.

Kol Hakovod!





Roving Rabbis' Outback Adventure: From Alice Springs to Multicolored Havdala


Our roving rabbis, Avrehmi and Meir, just returned from a massive road trip that took them all the way to Alice Springs NT and back.

They had a few extra chanuka menorah kits with them. And when you leave them in the car in such a hot environment, you end up with a multicoloured block of wax!

I think it would make for a great Havdala candle!

Be sure to keep cool in the heat and drink lots of water.



Esther's Heroic Legacy: A Visit to Remember in Jindabyne, NSW


We had a very special visit with Esther in Jindabyne NSW today. Well into her 90's, she's a special woman with a special story.

During this meaningful visit, Shevi played some traditional songs on the flute, and Rabbi Menachem sang Jewish songs.

As the conversation flowed, Esther wondered aloud, "I wonder what ever became of the fifty people I helped over the border..."

During WWII, Esther had risked her life to smuggle Jewish people out of Germany. Until this day, she thinks of those families that she helped and the flourishing families that they now have.

Pictured: Shevi, Chaya Mushka, Esther, and Leslie, another Jewish resident in Jindabyne


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