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Did you order your Seder to Go kit?

Time is driving out, and orders will be closing soon.


Did someone say Matzah Balls?


Well. That must only be a dream if you live in regional Australia.

But no, even in regional Australia you can have Matza Balls!

Check out the shop on the RARA website to order your Matzah Ball mix today.

matzah Balls.jpeg 

Pesach goodies


We are in the West, in Williamstown VIC with some Pesach goodies.

If you are around come by and get ready for Pesach.

Will be here until just after 8pm.


Ballarat Shul

 Some more photos from the incredible service at the Ballarat Shul today!





Rabbis Menachem Amar and Mani Holzman in Wollongong


Rabbis Menachem Amar and Mani Holzman are visiting from New York, and are currently spending time in Wollongong getting in touch with local Jewish families.

Last week, they visits Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour, and helped the locals with celebrating Purim. Rabbi Mani writes:

Being a part of something greater than yourself can feel like there are others by your side to help us as a nation get to our ultimate goal together.

This year is a year of Hakhel - Gatherings. πŸ‘¨‍πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘§‍πŸ‘¦

In essence we can feel that at special opportune times, like the high holidays & other that there’s something in the air giving us the power to move forward as one people in knowing our place in the world. πŸ—ΊοΈ

Purim this year was no different than any other, besides for the fact that it required some driving to do which meant the drinking had to be kept at zero. ⛔️

How does one get themselves to be in an ultimate state of absolute happiness without having a drink. πŸ₯ƒ

It comes down to putting yourself in a state of mindfulness at understanding the fundamental basics of spirituality & encompassing our inner light - that Jewish spark.⚑️

In Melbourne you can feel the community at its whole - kosher restaurants, food markets, Judaica store, Chabad house, shule, Yeshiva & so the list goes on. πŸ•

It’s known that Australia has strong Jewish communities in the large cities. What about the small towns & rural areas who only have a few Jews? Who will come celebrate the holidays with them? How are they able to connect to something that physically is so distant.

That’s where Chabad of RARA comes into play, established some 23 years ago, in the beginning of the millennium, to reach out to those who are in the rural communities of the last & help them connect to their roots of Judaism in an even more encompassing way than they can ever imagine.

After a long drive up the north cost NSW stopping only once to refill gas & occasionally stopping to ask the people in the town we pass through if their are any Jews.

We arrived at Gary’s house, a place where the Jewish people of Port Macquarie gather on special occasions.

The atmosphere was profound, excitement in the air can be felt growing radically, stronger as the enthusiasm by each individual entering brings in more light.

We had a phenomenal turn out & the event was a major success in connecting our people together and rejoicing as one.

Just like in Port Macquarie, Chabad of RARA goes out to many rural areas & helps bring happiness, joy, and ultimately helping one fulfill their mission on this planet in helping bring Moshiach Now.








Purim at Blue Mountains


What an awesome time we had in the scenic Blue Mountains last night. It was so nice to be back again for Purim, and to be able to celebrate with the local community.

There was a feast fit for a king, and everyone was sure to put on a funny hat or costume.

Best of all, the kids were lucky enough to have their faces painted by Shevi!








Purim in Toowoomba


What an incredible Purim we had tonight in Toowoomba at Yariv's place. We read the megilah, and exchanged ideas about Purim.

And the dress ups were amazing!

Thank you to everyone that came by.

Happy Purim!







Continuing Tradition: Mezuzah Placement


There's a lot of news coming from Alice Springs these days. But some things are a continuation of thousands of years of tradition - especially have a Mezuzah placed on your door.

When Rabbis Meir and Avrehmi were up there late last year, they had the opportunity to visit Evelyne in her home and help her place a Mezuzah on her door.

The moment was especially meaningful for Evelyne, who recalled seeing Mezuzahs on the doorways in France, where she live before migrating to Australia.

As we say here at RARA - wherever you are - even in central Australia - you can celebrate your Judaism. 





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