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The RARA Rabbis are up in Orange, NSW


They THOUGHT that they were just going to Coles to get some things for Shabbat.

But it didn't take long for then to bump into Roger, an old RARA friend.

As it happened to be, they had wanted to invite Roger to the Shabbat meal, but they didn't have his phone number.

Well, now Roger certainly knew about the Shabbat meal!

And it turned out to be a great one! Joined by another local family, the small Jewish gathering went late into Friday night, with delicious food, traditional Shabbat songs, and a much needed sense of connection for all those present.

orange nsw.jpeg

RARA Rabbis in Wagga Wagga


The RARA Rabbis Mendel and Menachem made it to Wagga Wagga last night.
Look out for them as they visit around town!



Jewish Anzacs


Did you know that there is a book all about Jewish people that served in the Australian military?

Written by Mark Dapin, It's a great read, with pver 400 pages of many harrowing first-hand accounts stories, photos and facts about Jews in the front lines.

We've got one copy, available for borrowing from the RARA library.


And they are off!


Having arrived in Australia this past Wednesday from the USA , Rabbis Menachem Palace and Mendel Spritzer are the latest RARA roving rabbis volunteers.

Earlier today they have headed off to the Riverelina area, where they will be visiting local families. From there they will head to NSW towards the Blue Mountains.

We wish them safe travels and a successful and enjoyable trip!

Pictured here with Rabbi Menachem Aron as well as Levik and Chaya Mushka just prior to heading off.


Let's support Sassoon Yehuda Sephardi Synagogue


We have partnered with Sassoon Yehuda Sephardi Synagogue to provide support to Jewish people living in regional Victoria.

Please donate generously through the following link:



Only in Sydney!


Our volunteers, Rabbis Mani Holzman and Zalman Stein recently organised a Pesach Seder in Wollongong NSW.

Before the holiday, they visited Sydney and shopped at Krinsky's Kosher Supermarket to stock up on all their Pesach needs.

When running through our books and expenses after Pesach, we noticed this little gem on the bottom of the strore receipt from Krinsky's - all the Pesach times and dates as well as a reminder to count Sefirat Ha'omer.

A simple store receipt ha ms become a tool to remind people about Pesach.





Got Books?


This is a fantastic one. Recently published by and Ezra Press and authored by Rabbis Mendel Kalmenson and Zalman Abraham, "People of the Word" goes through 50 different words, and how Judaism interprets, understands, and applies them to our day-to-day lives.


With short chapters and lots of great stories, it's easy to pick up, glean some great insight, and continue on your day.


A must read for anyone wanting to learn more and the Jewish world view.



Chag Sameach from Darwin NT!


I hope you have a lovely Seder and experience true freedom tonight!


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