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Hi All!

We hope you are enjoying your long weekend.

This is the perfect time to order your Pesach needs.

At RARA, we have you covered!

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The Seder night is Monday evening, 22 April.

Chag Sameach!

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Prayer at Majestic Wallaman Falls with Rabbi Mendel and Nitzan


Rabbi Mendel helps Nitzan lay the Tefillin and say the Shema at the majestic Wallaman Falls, just out of Townsville in Far North Queensland.


Where is the most beautiful spot that you have prayed at?


Good Shabbos!


Purim in the Blue Mountains


The mountain town of Katoomba saw some great costumes and Purim spirit this past Sunday. Thank you to Rabbi Mani for coming up to read the Megilah, and that you to everyone for bringing such great vibes!














Purim Party in Coffs Harbour


Wow! What a party we had up in Coffs Harbour on Purim afternoon. Older faces, younger faces, and everything in between, bears, unicorns, firemen and queens, - it was a lovely crowd!

New connections were made, the megilah was read, Haman's name was drowned out in plenty of noise, and of course there was lots to eat.

L'chaim to a fantastic regional Purim party!



















Megilah reading Coffs Harbour

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Happy Purim from Port Macquarie and the junior fire brigade!


Happy Purim from Port Macquarie and the junior fire brigade!

Our guess is that this is one of the first ten Megilah readings in the world!

See you in Coffs Harbour tomorrow.


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Megilah reading in Port Macquarie

Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 8.12.13 AM.png 

Megilah reading in Port Macquarie

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We are going places...!!


Can you guess where we are flying to today on our Qantas Link B717?


Regional Australia Invites You to Celebrate Purim!


Purim here, Purim there, Purim is going to be everywhere!

If you're in regional Australia, be it Darwin, Geelong, the Dandenongs, Katoomba, Coffs Harbour, or Port Macquarie, be sure to join us for a great Purim get-together!

Happy Purim!







Who's ready for Purim?

The Hamentashen are all ready!


The Mitzva Mobile Library


It might be a foggy day. Hard to see around. But you can always make sure that you are the bright and bold, and break through that fog like a big yellow Mitzva Mobile Library!

Taken at Blackheath NSW, February 2024.

Photo by Chaim Goranson.


Shabbat in Bundaberg QLD


We had a lovely Shabbat in Bundaberg, QLD with some of the locals. It is so nice to catch up between everyone's busy day-to-day lives.

Arriving a little before the onset of Shabbat on Friday, and staying till late in the evening, it was a time of great connection and community.

Thank you to our wonderful guests!

(Or, they are the locals, so does that make us the guests?)




Where have you met our teams?


In the past 2 years, RARA volunteers have spent a combined 528 days on the road, and have travelled over 80,000 kilometres. No distance is too far to meet up with friends and connect with our rich heritage.

Regional Synagogue


Best is if you can visit this magnificent regional Synagogue yourself in person. But if you can't, here's a pretty good look! 




And that's a wrap!

4,230 kilometres later, Effi and Chaim have concluded their RARA trip. They spent 5 weeks visiting towns across Victoria and New South Wales, connecting with locals and creating new connections.

A quick story: the rabbis had visited Orange NSW, and were headed to Katoomba, in the heart of the Blue Mountains. Along the way, they made a brief stop in Bathurst. Unfortunately the few contacts they had there were not available for a visit. Before they headed out of town, Effi and Chaim made a quick stop at the post office to find out if anyone there knows of any Jewish locals.

Well, they didn't have much luck in the post office, but as Chaim was heading back to the RARA van, he sees a woman looking intently at the signage on the sides of it.

Chaim goes over and says hello. Rachel says hi back. It turns out, her mums mum is Jewish, and just last night she had been reading about the Holocaust. This had sparked something in her soul - but she wasn't expecting to bump into two rabbis the very next day! The two exchanged details, and Rachel is very much looking forward to hearing about anyone else that may be Jewish in the region.

You never know where you might meet someone!

Thank you Effi and Chaim for your great assistance! We wish you much success going forward


Shabbat Visit: Chabad on the Sunshine Coast


Our rabbis stopped at the Chabad in the Sunshine Coast for Shabbat, spending time with Rabbi Oshy and Liba Goodman and their community.

Today, some of the local Jewish families came to see the special "Mitzva Tank" motorhome that the rabbis travel around in. It was a great opportunity to learn about regional Jewish life around South East Queensland.

Thank you to the Goodman's for hosting! Be sure to stop by when you visit and meet the community for yourself.


Shabbat Giving: Spread Joy with a Coin or Card


As the week draws to a close and Shabbat approaches, take a coin (or a credit card) and give to someone less fortunate, or to an org that supports others.

You'll feel great AND so will they!     


Save the Date! Purim in the Blue Mountains


Purim. Is. Happening. In. The...

Blue. Mountains!

Sunday 24 March @ 5pm!

Rara Rabbi's in Toowoomba


Mendel and Mendel have spent the past couple of days in Toowoomba.

Yesterday, they visited Yossi and Amy and had a great discussion, and a L'chaim! It's time to get in to the Purim spirit.


Support Chabad of RARA's Mission: Send Messages & Donations to Israel


Next week, Amanda Gecelter, a member of our admin team here at Chabad of RARA, will be traveling to Israel.

She'll be part of a volunteer group that will be visiting affected families, providing support, and visiting those on the front lines.

Amanda will be more than happy to deliver messages of hope and well wishes to families and soldiers that are most affected by the ongoing war.

She will also be participating in a number of get-together events coordinated by Chabad in Israel in support of the troops on the front lines.

Head over to this link to send a message or to make a donation to to those affected

Purim Volunteers Needed: Join Us in Celebrating Across Australia


Can you read the Megilah?


We're looking for volunteers to help with Purim gatherings around Australia on Purim, which is coming up very soon on Sunday, 24 March.


Tag someone here who might be able to help!


Throwback with Effi and Chaim


Throwback to earlier in Effi and Chaim's trip (that's the two rabbis on either end of this photo). They stopped at a beautiful park in Orange, NSW and spent some time in conversation with some of the local Jewish members.

It's always great to get together, and even better when it comes along with a yummy BBQ and some great company!


Condolences to Rabbi Menachem Aron and Family on the Passing of Mrs. Lily Milecki


The Chabad of RARA community wishes long life and extends their condolences to Rabbi Menachem and Shevi Aron and family on the passing of Menachem's grandmother, Mrs Lily Milecki, affectionately known by many as "Savta".

May we have good news to share, and know of only good times.

Shabbat Shalom.


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