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The Final Days of Passover


Tonight begins the final days of Passover. It is an auspicious time, commemorating the splitting of the Reed Sea, and the final moments of the exodus from Egypt.

Be sure to eat plenty of Matza, and spend quality time with family and friends.

On Tuesday, we say the Yizkor prayer for those that are no longer with us.

In the evening, we sit down to eat Matza and drink wine one last time on Pesach, for what is known as the "Moshiach Seudah".

Pesach ends in Tuesday evening at nightfall.

Chag Sameach!

Please let us know how we did!


Used RARA's services over Pesach?

Please let us know how we did! 

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An Australian Jewish Legacy: Remembering the Fallen


Have a look at this story, that is: 

a) Jewish

b) Australian

c) Regional

May the memory of souls of all those that departed this world in combat be a be memory for us today.





We are all ready for the Seder. Chag Sameach!


And the Chometz is gone!


Crunch crunch crunch... Matzah here we come!!



See you tomorrow night!


A Pesach fridge well done. In Toowoomba of all places!!



Wherever you are. CHAG Sameach and a happy Pesach!


Remembering the Lubavitcher Rebbe on His Birthday


Today, in Ukraine 1902, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Schneerson was born. The Jewish date of this significant birthday is the 11th of Nissan, which is today.

The Rebbe's far reaching vision and empowerment is what brought the Jewish nation forth from the Holocaust, and is what built what is now more than three generations of "Shluchim" - ambassadors of Judasim that have opened Chabad centers around the world.

These dedicated men and women dedicate their lives to connecting with Jewish people in their vicinity and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to connect and experience their rich Jewish heritage.

We thank the Rebbe for seeing so far, and for caring for so many. For those fortunate enough to have had an interaction with the Rebbe, it is something that has stated with them for a lifetime.

Let us hope, pray, and do even more so that the Rebbe's ultimate dream of the coming of Moshiach takes place very soon, Amen.

Shabbat Shalom!


Rabbinic Students Prepare to Lead Passover Seders Across Australia and New Zealand

Are you attending a Seder somewhere around Australia? Chances are you'll meet one of the great people in this picture here at the Rabbinical College of Australia and New Zealand, in Melbourne.

These are just some of the 40+ rabbinic students that will be spending their Passover visiting faraway communities to help conduct a Seder.

Last night the young rabbis received a brief on what their assignments would be, and heard some tips of how to best cater for the needs of everyone in attendance at the Seder.

We thank the rabbis for their commitment, and wish them much success over Pesach!





Have you got yours?


Rabbi Menachem Aron distributes a box of handmade Shmura Matza, just in time for Pesach which begins this Monday evening.

Here, he is pointing out the "H" at the end of Matza. Like all things Jewish, there's no one way to spell Matza. Or is it Matzah?


Outback Passover, Matza & Wine in the Desert


Just got off the phone with a group of three young Jewish men that will be spending their Passover in Mount Isa, Queensland. They will be in the desert just like our ancestors were when they did Pesach the first time, 3,336 years ago!


The best part? We will be able to send them Matza and wine so they can celebrate in the outback as well!


Matza on the way


Ordered your matza?

It's on its way!


Bat Mitzvah Celebration Ideas! Reach Out Now


If you've been thinking about how to celebrate an upcoming Bat Mitzva in the family, get in touch. We have something for you!

Did someone say Pesach?


I started explaining it to the Australia Post  lady behind the counter, as she looked incredulously at our tower of boxes going out.

As they say, if you know, you know!!

What do you eat on Passover?


Have you got yours?


Crunch munchy Matza! Our special Pesach food, that we've been eating for thousands of years, and will do so again this year at the Seder on Monday evening, 22 April.



Special Zoom Presentation: Amanda Gecelter's Solidarity Trip to Israel


Tonight we will be having a special zoom presentation.


Amanda Gecelter, one of our admin staff here at RARA, recently traveled to Israel as part of a solidarity trip to support those on the front lines and affected families.


Amanda will be sharing her experiences, and stories that she heard first hand.


Tonight, Monday 1 April at 8:00pm AEDT (Melbourne time)

7:00pm Queensland time

6:30pm Northern Territory time

5:00pm Western Australia time


I hope you can make it.



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