Mr Saul and Beverly Spigler

Saul Spigler founded Chabad of RARA in 2000 in the memory of his late mother. A lawyer by trade, his passion lies in Jewish outreach, undertaking the original RARA trip back in 1977. He has also been instrumental in the recovery of Jewish property lost during WWII.

Beverly Spigler is the sounding board of RARA, contributing to the trips and programs, as well as doubling as the unofficial party planner. She regularly caters Shabbat lunches for 25 people on any given week.


Rabbi Menachem & Shevi Aron

Rabbi Menachem Aron, born and bred in Australia, has been active in Jewish outreach and creative work both in Melbourne and around the world. He is also an avid photographer.

Mrs Shevi Aron, also from Australia, is an accomplished flautist and has been teaching music since 2014. She has completed her tertiary Jewish studies in New York and Israel.
Menachem and Shevi are blessed with a daughter, Chaya Mushka.



Rabbi Yossi & Malki Rodal
Chabad of The Hunter

Rabbi Yossi Rodal is a California boy who married an Aussie girl and made Australia his home. He has seen more of the Australian countryside in one year than many Australians will ever see. Yossi enjoys a good game of basketball and is learning the art of cricket.

Mrs. Malki Rodal holds a degree in Psychology, and is passionate about helping people live satisfying and meaningful lives. She loves to bake and often creates unique decorated biscuits for special occasions.




Rabbi Ari & Mushkie Rubin
Chabad of Far North Queensland

Rabbi Ari Rubin is a native Australian who went to school in Melbourne and furthered his studies in London, New York and Israel. He has worked in various Rabbinic roles for organisations all over the globe.

Mrs. Mushkie Rubin was born and raised in Israel, and has a passion for childhood education. She's currently qualifying as a Montessori Educator. Their home is the place to be on a Friday night, with a menu and atmosphere like no other.


Rabbi Oshy & Liba Goodman

Chabad of Sunshine Coast


Rabbi Oshy hails from Manchester, and was educated in the United States, Israel and Russia. He spent a collective five years serving Jewish communities in Ukraine, and more recently, Russia.

Mrs Liba Goodman was born in Moscow, and is the eldest of nine children. She enjoys hosting large Shabbos meals and connecting with other Jewish women.

Rabbi Oshy and Liba Goodman have three daughters: Mussia, Rosa and Chana.


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