Thank you for your interest in supporting Jewish life and those living further away.

On this page, you can learn about sponsorship opportunities, and if your donation will be tax deductible in Australia.

To make a donation today, please choose from one of the following options.
Keep reading below to learn more about each of these options.

Chabad of RARA provides support for people living further away. We are well known for our outreach efforts, and the famous yellow Mitzva Tank and Mobile Library.

Chabad of RARA raises funds from the wider community. This enables us to cover our operating costs and staff wages, which allows us to spend quality time on the road visiting people and providing support where it is most needed.

We also run a mobile public library, which is housed in our Mitzva Tank. This is a sub-entity of Chabad of RARA. The library travels all over Australia, and is open to the public to come on board, read and borrow books. You can also browse and borrow books online on our library section of our website. In line with Australian Tax Law, donations made to the mobile library are fully tax deductible in Australia.

It is important to understand that the mobile library is a part of our activities, but it does not include all of our activities. Activities not under the umbrella of the mobile library are not tax deductible. Bearing this in mind, donations made to activities that are not part of the mobile library are unable to receive a tax deductible receipt.

We are appreciative of the kind people that choose to donate to Chabad of RARA. We really could not do our important work without you. By supporting Chabad of RARA, you are truly bringing connection to those living further away.

We ask that you take a moment to consider which activities of ours you would like to support with your donation. Activities that are part of the mobile library are tax deductible. Other activities are not tax deductible.


Where should I put my money?

Here are just some ideas of donation opportunities that are available:

$100 - a tank of petrol on the road.

$180 - dedicate a week of our online class in honour of a loved one.

$180 - dedicate a week of our email update in honour of a loved one.

$360 - a month of our online store (banner ad available).

$360 - a scholarship for a child to participate in our Online Bat Mitzva course.

$800 - a pair of Tefillin to be used by our volunteers on the road.

$1,000 - an on-the-road Shabbat experience in a regional location.

$1,800 - an edition of the RARA Report print magazine.

$18,000 - put two of our volunteers on the road for a six week road trip.

$180,000 - a new Mobile Mitzva Tank and Library.

...or any amount! You can be sure that every dollar you donate will be invested in connecting with people living further away.


Want to speak to someone?

Would you like to speak to us a about a specific opportunity you have in mind?
Or rather donate over the phone?
Please call Rabbi Menachem Aron at 0413 365 770 or send an email by clicking here.


Thank you for your generosity.